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Nova Easel

  • Highly Portable and Lightweight
  • To be used for placing whiteboards upto sizes 90 X 120 cms.
  • Can also be used to place Nova Pinup or Info Boards
  • Straight height 165 cms approx.
  • Suitable for holdign brands upto 180 X 120 cms

Avaiable in two types

  • Standard ( Made from Mild Steel ( ms)
  • Deluxe ( Aluminium )
Nova Easel

Nova FlipChart Easels

  • Free Standing. Require No Setting up
  • Ideal for Meetings & Presentations
  • Accommodates different sized Flipchart Pads
  • The base has a whiteboard surface ( Laminated or Rite Steel)
  • Available in two sizes according to the whiteboard base sizes: [60X90cms] [2'x3'] and [75X90cms] [2.5' x 3'].
  • Hassle free. No need to erase information or data. Just flip the page of the pad and move on from one page to another. To refer to any previous page, just flip the page back.





Nova Mobile Presenter

Consists of the Nova Portable Stand on which a board( single sided or double sided board) is fitted.

  • Choice of Board Surfaces: Rite (Resin coated steel), Cardinal (Enamelled Ceramic) and Laminated surface.
  • Can accommodate boards ranging from 2'x3' to 6'x4' [60x90cms] [1.5' x 2'] to [120x180 cms][3'x4.5'].
  • Ideal for meetings and presentations wherein there are restrictions of wall space for hanging boards


Nova Table Top Whiteboard

The Nova Whiteboard Presenter

  • Highly Portable
  • Can be placed on a table top for presentations
  • Can also be used for display on shopfloor of factories, or in restaurants for messages such as Todays Special, or as a Direction board placed outside showing the way
  • Size of Whiteboard :
    • 1.5 X 2 [ 45x60cms ]
    • 2X3 [ 60x90cms]
  • Choice of surface : Laminated, Nova Rite or Nova Cardinal

Nova Stands

  • Portable Stand: As seen in the photograph of the Mobile Presentor. Suitable for writing boards. With swiveling arrangement and facility to lock the angle. Supports double sided boards. Has 4 detachable MS sections. 4 Castors ( 2 are lockable)
  • Pedestal Stand : As seen in the photograph of the Nova Modular System in the Exhibition Systems Page. Suitable for Pinup, fixograph boards. Two stands per board
  • Easel : Aluminium/MS sections for supporting boards upto 3 X4
  • Double Leg Display Stand: Suitable for placing large sized Pinup or Writing Boards – 8X4, 6X4, 5X4. Stable, Heavy duty and Elegant looking.


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