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Nova Fixograph

A perforated board for orderly display of readily changeable information. A must for changeable sign and visual planning systems.
Available in wide range of sizes to suit your needs.
Letters and figures are available in 1/2' (1.2 cm), 3/4 92 cm), 1' (2.5 cm), 11/2' (3.7 cm).
Available as a standard set of a board with a set of astd letters and figures or individually ie board and letters separetly.
Please see our standard packaging of letters and figures while ordering letters separately

Nova Info Board

Elegantly grooved. Felt covered in Black or Burgundy colours
Wide range of sizes and with gold finish trim

Each Board is supplied with a standard set of letters. Additional set of letters also available

  • Letters are gold plated or white coated
  • Standard stands

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