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Nova Dual Board
Utilize Pin-up and Writing Surface on the same side in 50:50 proportion. The default writing surface is white laminated non- magnetic.




Nova Cardinal White Board with Grid.
  • Available in four practical sizes:
      • 1.5X2 ( 45X60cms), 2x3 (60X90 cms) , 3X4( 90X120 cms), 6X4 (120X180 cms)
      • The grid is pre - enamelled on the writing surface
      • Ideal for drawing graphs and charts during presentations

Nova Conference Cabinet.
Make your whiteboard look like part of your furniture.
  • Available in two systems: Wooden ( CC series) & Aluminium ( CCAL series)
  • Both have a Base board and a left & right wing
  • Both have an option of three writing surfaces for the baseboard : Laminated White, Rite and Cardinal.
  • In case of the Wooden cabinets the left and right wing are available in Rite White and Pinup surfaces. In the case of Aluminium cabinets the left and right wings are available in double sided Rite or Cardinal surfaces.
  • Both are available in 3 sizes( i.e. overall footprint size with the wings closed) : 36 X48"( 90X120cms), 48X60"( 120X150cms) and 48"X72"( 120 X180cms)

The Nova Track System
  • Ideal for training and meeting rooms.
  • Slide boards along the Nova Track
  • Allows a combination of boards to be displayed in one wall maximizing the wall space and allowing the flexibility of using different boards at one time.
  • The Top slider and the bottom roller are fixed onto the board. The top slider glides along the rail and the bottom roller glides along the wall.
  • While ordering determine the length of track and the size and no of boards that you want fitted.
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