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Nova White Boards

Available in a range of sizes: from 60X90 cms to 240 X120 cms. Special sizes are also made on request.

Smooth writing and enhanced visibility.

Available in 2 Types :

  • Nova Magnetic
    • You can display charts etc. with Nova magnetic buttons. Nova magnetic alphabets, numbers and strips can also be used. Available in sizes upto 10X4 ( feet) without a joint
    • Nova Rite Whiteboard
      • (Coated Steel Writing Surface). Colour available is white glossy. It is the right answer for an economic solution to the requirement for a magnetic whiteboard
    • Nova Cardinal Whiteboard (Porcelain Enamelled Ceramic Steel Writing Surface)
      • Colour is white. It is low gloss enabling better visibility and is suitable for projection. High gloss is also available on request.The Enamelled surface is P3 manufactured by Polyvision, Belgium and is guaranteed for 25 years against manufacturing defects.It is the best that money can buy in the world.
  • Nova non - magnetic : Laminated writing surface. Colour is white glossy.
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